Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Social Media

Lately I’ve run across a few articles (in the AJC Living) and blogs that discuss the state of “digital literacy” in the USA.  They mostly focus on two types of people: “digital natives” (anyone under 10 years old) and how they handle old fashioned social skills such as learning and playing in real groups, and everyone else.  Everyone else is getting digital education via self teaching (often problematic and inefficient) or structured courses such as Multi-media I & II.

Achieving true digital literacy is a big order, as I found out over the Thanksgiving holiday.  While my daughter was home we talked about the new availability of Beatles music, and she was glad I knew it was provided by Apple.  Then she got mad at me when I asked her to drive me to the nearest Apple Store.  "It's at the iTunes Music Store" she said as she stalked out of the house.

Bu-da-bing, bu-da-boom.

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