Monday, November 29, 2010


Friday after Thanksgiving we went to the SE Train Museum in Duluth to shoot the Fashion/Fantasy assignment. 

It turned out to be a training session: good thing there is some time to shoot again this week. 

The two speed lights worked well, when I wasn’t blocking the IR signal, and the fog machine worked well when it wanted to, and the model did a good job as along as I was alert
enough to shoot her…..there are a lot of balls in the air on location, mostly as a result of making something simple difficult and over thought. 

I think one big problem was looking carefully at the frame.  That artificial garland is terrible, and it could have been hidden by the fur coat. Another was the giant black hole behind the model. That makes it look more like a horror shot than fashion.

I have a different model for the next visit, and I’m going to bring a table lamp or something to light behind her.  And some pliers to rip down the garland.

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