Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NBOC New Building on Campus

Most of us have probably noticed new construction is blocking some traffic flow around campus, but do you know what that new thing behind the automotive garages is?  GTC is building a 78,000 square foot Life Sciences Center.  It will be a three-story classroom and laboratory learning facility where Gwinnett's future healthcare providers and professionals will train (yes, I pasted in that last part).  President Bartels and Sean Murphy, Gwinnett Tech Foundation Chairman, talk about funding on the GTC site.

New construction is a perfect place to shoot design elements because it displays many different examples of repetition, shape, and texture.  It’s not all drab gray concrete either, so don’t forget color. 

Another topic could be a time motion study of construction progress.  The nearness of the project almost cries out for study.  Getting access is a serious issue because construction sites can be dangerous.  A GTC student could make a good case for permission if they were willing to be flexible about time of day.   Construction often stops around 4PM, perhaps “tours” could be arranged for that nice afternoon light.  But let me tell you, it’s cold out there now.

By the way, I don't like any of these illustrations.  Mine are wacky and distorted due to no access and the weather, and while the finished product is very vertical it has a giant ship's prow thing.  It looks like they made their cloudy picture the same day I did.

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