Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holiday Portraits

Time to gear up for painting our set props.  The tall street Lamp we all love (but may not use) is in Studio B, with a fresh coat of primer.  The next step is to lightly sand the raised wood grain and then top coat it with Tricorn Black.  This thing could look sharp as an interior sign post or hall “violator” (marketing speak for something that gets in your way and makes you say, “Hey, I need what this violator is selling!”)  Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

But the best prop, the super, the ultimate, is Santa’s ESCALADE Sleigh.  This model is the EOS-1Ds Mark III of Holiday Transport, and it is ready for delivery Wednesday, October 27.  As shown here, it comes with a driver and google-pixels of surface to prime, sand, paint, etc. etc.  Kudos to the GTC Construction Department.  Please drop in on Dept. Head Kenny Atkins and say thanks. 

Lorie, can you make some seat cushions?

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