Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Injured Gymnast

Erica is a friend of my daughter Sara, and a serious competitive gymnast at the county facility in Roswell.  Unfortunately, she broke her foot recently on the beam and she will be sidelined for 2 months in a boot.  This club likes to keep track of their “CRIPS” (almost a badge of honor to the youngsters), and she asked me to take a full length snap shot.  We didn’t have time to get to a studio or to the gym in Roswell.

The boot can really get in the way of a photograph, so we tried a few different poses.  At first Erica put the boot front and center, like she wanted to sell that boot to the viewer.  We spent a few minutes working with her crutches and different places for her feet.  The result is above.  The lighting is poor but she looks rather poised and fluid on her crutches, at least compared to most injured athletes.  If I can get her into a studio we can try for a Rembrandt.

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