Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holiday Portrait Themes

Whether you send Christmas Cards or an annual letter update, family pictures help you tell your story to friends and relatives.  Here are two different approaches I helped produce this year. 

Eric, Linda and daughter Sydney wanted to send a printed picture card greeting that told friends and relatives “this is what we look like and how we are doing today”.  We met in nearby McDaniel Farm Park for a photo session.  gwinnettparklife.com/parks/mcdaniel-farm-park/       

McDaniel Farm, a new location for me, is 128 rural acres hidden in suburban Gwinnett County, GA. It was a cotton farm and now is restored to depict a typical 1930’s subsistence farm.

The park offers diverse terrain, buildings and vistas where we took advantage of the last colors of Fall 2013. Admission is free. 

Taking a completely different path, I worked with another group of folks featuring costumes from  their production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  

While we were shooting cast pictures for the Christ Church Players  ccn.episcopalatlanta.org/ , three actors asked for poses to created unique digital Christmas greetings.

Sue portrayed Mrs. Fezziwig, the wife of Scrooge’s  mentor.

Betsy was a Fund Raiser who visits Scrooge before his weird dream, and Walt was a chatty Merchant in the vision of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  They brought their dogs, Princess Dawg and Prince Michael, to the session.                                                     Their big decision was this:

tongue in or tongue out.

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