Monday, December 30, 2013

Sports Photography and Women's Athletics at George Washington University

The shorthand for great sports pictures is “get the face and ball in focus”.  When I get a chance I ask photographers how they like to shoot sports, and they usually mention two methods: FISHING (focus on one spot and wait for the action to come to you) and BUTTERFLY CATCHING (roam over the playing field constantly changing zoom, focus, and background).

One nice thing about shooting Gymnastics, or home plate or a walking bride for that matter, is the action often takes place in a very predictable area.  Those are the places to fish.  

Fast paced sports such as Volleyball and Basketball may seem better suited to the butterfly notion, but you can also count on face-to-face battles at the net.  

Those situations give you the opportunity to “lurk” for a predictable choreography and use a technique called TRAP FOCUS if you have a suitable DSLR.

GWU Basketball fans can skip the geeky photography techniques and just enjoy the pictures from GW vs. UGA.  Did you notice the fingernail polish?  

To visit a gallery of more pictures from this game, go here.

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