Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tumblr #5

Photographic Attempts is another anonymous site, but it has a nice layout: medium gray background with soft gradients (or else my screen is dying) and soft shadows beneath the white bordered posts.  The only picture navigation is “Previous   Next” at the page footer.  There is a nice fly-out window on the left, “see more”, but the small font and dark color make it impossible to read.  I wonder what this person is trying to say?  It looks like an amateur with a point & shoot, and if you dig around the old posts that is confirmed  Some of the frames are very nice compositions.  Like Harkins used to say, a lot of nice pictures were taken with very simple cameras.  I like the pics but the begging for followers, recommendations, and advise is tedious.  Semi-serious Photog.

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