Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tumblr #4

I make photos daily” is another unique Tumblr site (is that redundant?) that features large single pictures on every page. There is not much in the way of context here, just simple titles and/or captions.  There are two picture categories at the top, random and monthly prints, but no index or archive.  The other top buttons are info, follow and recommend, and the type font is random.  At the bottom of each page there is a “Beforehand/Afterward” navigator.  The photographs are interesting.  If you like wandering via serendipity this is the site for you.  The site is run by Douglas Dollars, an Edmonton, England, portrait photographer whose studio is named RAD GRANDPA.  This site is used to display “pictures not posted  elsewhere”.  Serious Photog

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Douglas Stewart said...

Thanks for the kind words, Bruce! I'm located currently in Edmonton Alberta Canada, the likely lesser-known of all Edmontons.