Thursday, October 21, 2010

New software tutorials – Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3

Ok, I paid $300 for these popular new programs, and now I have to dig out the details of why they are so great!  I found a few web sources that were seriously helpful.  Lynda dot com has wonderfully annotated videos that completely cover both programs (and about any other type of application software), but you have to pay.  They have subscriptions for a month or a year.  Check out their free demo vids.  At the other end of the cost spectrum is the plethora of pro and DIY videos on You Tube.  Russell Preston Brown is among the best producers I have found here. 
You will probably get an OK education about the most commonly used features in the free section of the web.  As your interests become more arcane it gets difficult to find reliable information here.  Then there are those Scott Kelby books.  Anybody need his CS5 and Lightroom 2 volumes?  They make good door stops.

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Trent Chau said...

I can vouch for Lynda. I don't personally use it, but know many people who have met success using it.