Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Recently everyone has been looking for features, a topic that some great photographers have a hard time defining.  It reminds me of Supreme Court Justices declaring that they can’t define pornography, but “I know it when I see it.”  We saw some great features at critique today and the best ones were easy to recognize.  A common comment for those was “Good catch” or “Lucky”.  Sometimes those remarks can sound a little off-putting, but I think they are exactly on the mark if you accept my definition of good luck.  For me, good luck is the combination of opportunity and preparation.  We see a lot of intriguing opportunities, but we fail to take advantage of them for lack of skill, equipment, or the sun just decided to come out from behind a cloud. 

On the other hand, by fifth quarter we have much of the preparation but the opportunities seem to evaporate like a mirage.  The harder we look for inspiration the less there seems to be.  When I figure out how to fix that situation I’ll be back.

There probably is a neat feature on this beach somewhere......

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