Friday, August 29, 2014

Creadon Woods Gallery of Art

Dennis Creadon (blue shirt and shorts on the left) and Brad Woods (White shirt and shorts center) are the two artists of Creadon Woods Gallery of Art.  Their first gallery space opened two years ago in Naples, FL.

The new Atlanta location is in the Tula Art building, a two story converted warehouse in Buckhead.

Creadon Woods is the red floor area in the center of this picture.  The Tula building is on Bennett Street NW, an area of Atlanta that supports many local artists.

The gallery is partitioned into three equally sized rooms. This is the front display room with a door just off the atrium.

Here Dennis and Brad chat with visitors in the middle display room.  The back utility room was used to serve food and drinks this evening.  My job was to provide new pictures for their web site (under construction).

The pieces on display are abstract mixed media with saturated contrasting colors, and most have a thick clear acrylic resin top coat. The lighting was great for gallery viewing but it also produced a lot of harsh glare from the reflective top coat.

I decided to avoid framing a complete piece because of the specular highlights.  Instead I looked for close up details of the brush work and various textures included in the mix.

At left are details from three different pieces.  I can’t tell if the textures in the top one (purple) are delicate lace or quilted paper towels.

Of course the other subject matter was the people visiting the gallery.  Fortunately for Brad and Dennis the traffic was steady through the evening.  The Bennett Street area has over 100 art galleries, store fronts and related consultants to draw customers.

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