Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Second Visit with RJ

R J was waking up when we arrived.  For a short time he was groggy and then he woke up completely for the three of us.  

Soon I realized I wasn’t at all ready to work with an 8 week old, and so I decided to watch   R J and make mental notes for an upcoming workshop led by Sandy Puc’ (say Puck), see and

Later, at the workshop, Sandy stressed planning a picture session to first quickly capture 3 to 5 different commercial poses and second spend any remaining time in new variations or props.  She likes to move fast by making relatively few exposures in a structured series of pre-arranged poses.  Sandy also makes the session fun. 

 So I know I need to practice and to work on of the many techniques and tips in the Puc’ book known as Posing Guide Madonna Parent and Child (a PDF download at

I should have better results to show after the summer.

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