Friday, January 27, 2012


I took a few trips to shoot Fall colors this year, and the first was to Pine Mountain Ridge in central western Georgia.  This area is in F.D. Roosevelt State Park, near the town of Pine Mountain ( and Calloway Gardens.  Unfortunately, at this time, the leaves on the ridge hadn't fully turned yet.

I shot this panorama around Dowdell’s Knob and it is easy to see I wasn’t very high above the plane of Harris County (1,395’).  This view is facing due east to Macon. 

I also traveled to Brasstown Bald Park and the city of Helen.

Brasstown Bald is the highest point in Georgia (4,784’) and it is northwest of Helen on a spur of State Route 180. 

The next six pictures were shot along Routes 348 and 180.

Looking SW towards Blood Mt (4,458’) on Rt 348 south of Hood.

When you take 180 Spur to the top, you climb about 2,000’ feet in two miles and park in the visitors lot.  Then you may walk another mile to the observation deck or pay $3 for a ride.  On a clear day you can see the tall towers of Atlanta 85 miles to the south.  This spring I want to shoot a twilight/night picture and capture those lights.

The microclimate on top of the observation deck can be significantly cooler than on Rt 80.  We had short rain sprinkles on the spur but here, from the deck, you can see the ice accumulation at the level of the parking lot and on other nearby hill tops.
Everything this high was covered with ice.

Facing west towards Blairsville.

The last stop was Unicoi State Park in Helen.

Unicoi Lake.

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