Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I never use royalty free music or secure permission to use pop songs in my movies, and as a result the audio is sometimes blocked by YouTube and the companies that own the rights.  There was a simple way around this (change the pitch slightly up or down) but it seems some greedy music owners are on to this tactic. 

Another way around this situation is to take a few easy steps into YouTube’s digital rights procedures.  You find this place when you discover your video has been silenced.  YT provides you a path to a menu of possible redress options.  It doesn’t help to cry about non-commercial use of something you bought (or stole online), but it does help to copy and paste some legal verbiage about Fair Use of Copyright protected materials.  You can spend an hour searching threads on the net to find this key, or contact me if you find your self in this pickle.  Or make silent movies.  They were very popular for decades.

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