Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social Media

If I had a choice, I would stick with Blogger and ditch WordPress.  I realize the value of being amphibious in the blogasphere: it increases our exposure on the interweb.  However, there isn't an easy way to change a simple setting such as type font or size without teaching code writing.  Pictures are a big feature in a photography blog, and WP doesn't handle them very well.  There are work-arounds for just about any situation in WP, such as paste from WORD or paste plain text.  Most people are used to simply sitting down and writing in English and finding a few pictures to go with it.  Instead, we translate all those words and images into a format that we hope will display properly in WP.  Usually it doesn't.  The kitchen sink button helps a bit.  Part of that failure is is because WP is new, at least to me, and I haven't written any code since that fortran class in the distany part of the last century.  It's difficult to get a coherent flow when each post requires translation and major correcting time.  The links in this (WP) post are different colors, I have no clue why, and little desire to dig out the problem.  At the samer time, that color shift is distracting to the reader and should be fixed.  I'll have to get with Erick.

DO 200 I = 1, 100
      DO 100 J = 1, 100
      WRITE(*,*) I, J

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