Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photo Essay

I started work on my Photo Essay Wednesday by visiting the Rainbow Village (RBV) after school site.  There are 12 children here, but the story will probably be told/narrated by one or two children because the time is short (3-4 minutes) and there is a lot to tell.  I don’t see how I can fully introduce more than two personalities or family stories in this time.  I met with one talkative fourth grader, a “graduate”.  That term means his family has developed their resources enough to move into a house and live more independently.  The child continues in the after school program because both parents work.  A contrast to this situation would be a family that recently entered transitional housing at RBV.

I shot some test pictures of the kids with bounce flash and I can get good exposures with some planning.  I’m not posting any of those images because I don’t have permission.  Yeah, I should have thought about that and at least shot a few exteriors.  The more I think about it the more I realize I'll skip the whole permission issue for the blogs: no names or faces.  The images here will be strictly design where are those moldy notes from year 1......

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