Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Environmental Portrait

Today we had two critiques in photojo, fill flash and the environmental portrait.  My big take-away was with the environmental, below.  I wanted to show Molly in a position of power (on the right) and now I see I got a bit carried away with that idea.  She looks like she is taking an oath, or maybe ready to pull a gun on some Medicare cheat: way overboard and presumptuous.  I have to say she is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. 

The majority verdict in class was “Put some files in her hand!”, and so there they are on the left. That pose is sort of the equivalent of the policeman’s arms folded across his chest.  I thought that was a cliché, but dang if it isn’t the better looking of the two.  (Mary said the smile was the obvious choice....duhh.)  Poor Molly, I’ll apologize to her.  My big take-away: I’m so glad I shot both frames.


Michael Hazzard said...

I actually like where her hand is in this photo! I will go with the 2nd one, the one you chose to go with instinctively...I can't believe she doesn't change when she move amazing model you have!

Jessica Tedone said...

You definitely chose the right portrait! Great job.