Sunday, November 7, 2010

Environmental Portrait

I went out on another environmental portrait, this time to shoot the owner and head Chef of Café Efendi, Suheyl Buran.  The location is old town Alpharetta and the menu features Mediterranean cuisine.  My friend Suheyl is a Turkish immigrant. 

As you probably expected, restaurant kitchens are incredibly cluttered.  We looked at a few different areas inside the restaurant hoping for a ready-made scene.  I thought this was the best shot, and if it is accepted I will probably darken the background.  Unfortunately the subject is gesturing.  Some alternative frames are on the read more page.

Same kitchen, different clutter, and a slight gesture in this pose.

The two horizontals only show of the messiness minus the gesture.  Raw red meat may not be the best prop to display in a portrait, although it fits in a Turkish restaurant.  Suheyl wanted a copy of one of these to send to relatives in Turkey. 

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