Thursday, October 28, 2010


I shot my feature this summer on a railroad platform in La Spezia, a town on the Italian Riviera.  Mary and I, with Lori and Doug Kolbenschlag, explored the area during a day and a half of free time in the study abroad program.  I noticed this couple as soon as we were on the platform, and I was able to LURK for about 25 minutes. 

There were many limitations here: an extreme range of brightness between the shaded platform and the open rail bed, my movement was confined to adjacent platforms, and trains were coming and going on all tracks.  Fortunately, the couple was not paying attention to anything but themselves and they were arranged parallel to the rails.  I was hoping for the classic double-take but only a few passers-by cooperated.  When they did take a second look the lighting was unusable.  I had to settle for the soft blur of the world as it swept past this totally occupied pair of commuters (50 some odd shots).


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Can I please please please have a copy of this?? I love this picture so much!